Tomorrow we will be celebrating Canada with a variety of activities. Reminder to any student who hasn’t brought in a t-shirt yet, we need it for tomorrow.

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Canada 150 celebration


On Wednesday, our class will help celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday by creating custom t-shirts. In order to complete this craft, I am asking each student to bring in a new or used white shirt. It is important that at least the front of the shirt is blank. If you do not have any white shirts, any light colour shirt such as light gray, or blue will do.

Thank you for your help with this craft.

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Celebrate Canada’s 150th with us


Canada 150 notice

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We had a great day on Eagle Lake! Thank you RKY for the awesome activities!

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Important reminder – any parent who is volunteering on the RKY trip on Wednesday needs to send in a current CPIC.

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RKY forms


All forms and money for our RKY camp trip on Wednesday are due tomorrow. Also, a reminder to any parent who wants to join us, you must have a current CPIC and a copy must be dropped off to Shelli at the office.

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School gardens


The front lawn of the school is the scene for many grad photos and it is always nice to have lovely gardens as the backdrop. So, as our little gift to the graduating class our class will be working to clean up the gardens at the front of the school this week. Our first day will be tomorrow and I hope to have at least one other day where we can spend some time outside cleaning up, although, Mother Nature may have other ideas. Students do not need to bring anything special to school, unless they wish to wear gardening gloves to help protect their hands while pulling weeds. Bringing a hat and making sure to pack sun screen are also good ideas. We will not spend the whole day outside just a period or two each day.

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Preparation for RKY camp


What to Bring!

 Snacks (NUT FREE)

 Water Bottle – all our tap water is drinkable on site!

 CLOTHES YOU CAN GET DIRTY!  Dress in layers and be prepared for all types of weather 

Extra set of clothes (optional but a good idea just in case)

 Closed Toe Shoes (such as running shoes) – these are mandatory for most camp activities

 Bathing Suit & Towel  Raincoat (weather permitting) 

A backpack to put it all in RKY Camp is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please consider not packing expensive electronic equipment, iPods, cell phones etc.

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A notice was sent home today to announce and congratulate Mrs.Johnston, Ms.Myers and Ms. Carroll on their retirements. We wish all of the luck and thank them for all they have done for our school.

The notice also announced that we will be saying goodbye to Mr.Skinner as he heads to another site as a VP and we welcome Mr.Mooney as our new VP.


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June Class Calendar


The June class calendar is now available on the blog. Sorry for the delay. I thought I had already uploaded it. Thanks for the reminder Lauren:)

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